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Discover Our Durable and Low-Maintenance Tile Flooring Options

Choose from a variety of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles to match your style and budget at Flooring Supstores Cranbrook. Enjoy the ultimate durability and easy maintenance of these tiles, as they can last a lifetime with proper care. Ceramic and porcelain tiles require minimal maintenance compared to natural stone, making them a practical choice. Invest in your future and your family's health by adding resale value to your home and enjoying hypo-allergenic surfaces that are resistant to allergens. Say goodbye to worries about cleaning grout lines, as our stain-resistant grout with built-in sealer ensures hassle-free maintenance.

Professional Tile Installation and Extensive Options

Our knowledgeable flooring consultants are ready to assist you in finding the perfect tile for your space. Browse our options below or come and visit our large warehouse showroom, where you can explore a wide range of ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tiles. From versatile and affordable ceramic tiles to the elegance of marble, the earthy tones of slate, and the durability of granite, we have options to suit every preference. We provide professional tile installation, ensuring a seamless and expertly executed installation process.

Ceramic Tile

  • Made from red or white clay, sand & other natural materials, finished with glaze
  • Available in many sizes, colours & finishes
  • Most commonly used for wall tiles, backsplashes, etc
  • Easy care & maintenance
  • Most affordable tile

Porcelain Tile

  • Made from porcelain clays
  • More dense and impervious than ceramic tile
  • Can be used anywhere in the home (even high traffic areas or outdoors)
  • Frost resistant
  • Harder than ceramic and natural tiles (granite, etc.)

Marble Tile

  • Metamorphic stone (result of pressure & heat over millions of Yrs)
  • Typically polished or honed
  • Somewhat susceptible to damage from acids or staining
  • Must be cleaned & sealed every 9-12 months
  • Comes in many natural colour & pattern variances

Limestone Tile

  • Sedimentary rock made mostly of calcite
  • Can vary from almost pure white with very little veining& variation to black with gold, brown, pink or red accents
  • Fossilized snail shells, leaves & insects are often present
  • Typically honed or tumbled but can also be polished
  • Very soft & porous requiring sealant to avoid stains

Travertine Tile

  • Limestone formed inside of hot springs
  • Full of tiny holes caused by vapours escaping; holes must be filled with epoxy to maintain structural integrity
  • Ranges in colour from cream to dark brown, red or gold
  • Typically honed or tumbled (usually not dense enough to handle polishing)

Slate Tile

  • Metamorphic (like marble); formed by ocean or river sediments being compressed & heated by earth’s crust
  • Earthy tones in every piece: browns, greys, blacks & blues
  • Fairly rough anti-slip traction, but can also be polished
  • A seal can be applied for a wet or dry look without build-up
  • Can retain heat making it a great choice in colder climates
  • Very soft & porous requiring sealant to avoid stains

Granite Tile

  • Igneous rock formed by volcanic action
  • Made up of quartz, feldspar & mica
  • Hardest, most durable stone
  • Withstands heat, scratches & stains (great for kitchens)
  • Less porous than marble but still requires regular sealing

Ask our Flooring Consultants about professional tile installation. Our large Warehouse Showroom displays many options to suit your personal style, home and budget. Call our flooring store or request a quote!